Release of workflowr 1.7.1

Author: John Blischak

Date: 2023-08-23

Table of contents

The latest release of workflowr, 1.7.1, is now on CRAN. Many thanks to the developers that contributed to this version: Yongqi Wang (@wyq977), Xiongbing Jin (@warmdev), and Yihui Xie (@yihui).


This patch release includes improved documentation, bug fixes, and a reduction in the number of Suggested dependencies.

Updated documentation

  • Update single-page FAQ to explain how to remove navbar

  • Update badge links (implemented by @wyq977 in #276)

  • Explicitly label internal functions with roxygen2

  • Build online docs via GitHub Actions and push to gh-pages

  • Improve guidance on rendering a standalone HTML file in FAQ vignette (idea from @fkgruber in #283)

  • Add the appropriate PKGNAME-package \alias to the package overview help file as per “Documenting packages” in Writing R Extensions

  • Modernize CITATION. Replace citEntry() with bibentry(), replace personList() with c(), format as R code, and simplify.

Bug fixes

  • Fix missing figure version table on Windows (implemented by @warmdev in #275)

  • Use conditionMessage() to extract error message from callr subprocess r-lib/callr#228

  • Remove warning from sprintf() in print.wflow_start() when git = FALSE


  • Removed from Imports: xfun
  • Removed from Suggests: covr, devtools, spelling
  • Added to Suggests: sessioninfo