A central website for sharing reproducible research

Author: John Blischak

Date: 2021-01-27

The R package workflowr helps you make your data analysis projects more organized, reproducible, and shareable. One limitation has always been discoverability. Since each workflowr website is hosted from its own individual repository, they aren’t easy to find. So currently the only ways for another interested researcher to find your analyses is 1) you send them the URL directly, 2) they see the URL in your published paper, or 3) they happen to stumble across your GitHub/GitLab profile. I’ve long wanted to make it easier for others to discover your reproducible research projects.

Hence I created this site,, to be a central location for curating open science projects created with workflowr. Adding your workflowr project(s) to this site is quick and convenient: install the GitHub App on the project(s) you want to share. If you like, you can further customize the appearance of your project on this site by adding topics and/or registering an associated publication. Importantly, your GitHub repository is not affected by installing the app, i.e. it will continue to be hosted with GitHub Pages. Please see the documentation for the latest instructions.

If you’ve already used workflowr for a project, please consider adding to it to Analyses of any size are welcome. In other words, don’t feel like you can only add published research projects. Feel free to share your hobby projects, tutorials, workshops, notes, etc. And please spread the word to other workflowr users. Thanks!